VI amplifiers are developed based on our passion for music reproduction and audio amplifiers. The listening experience is clearly the key point. VI amplifiers are pure valve amplifiers without any semiconductor in the signal path. However we do not want to develop anachronisms and therefore the valve amplifier is complemented by modern controllers and solid-state regulated power supplies.

VI amplifier as OEM development are always custom specific. VI amplifiers are mostly unique.

All developments from preamplifier to power amplifier are based on out VI platform and have some common principles:

  • Safety first - compliance to applicable standards
  • Excellent music reproduction
  • Visible valves in a innovative design, endurance and reliability

In the digital age having multichannel audio a variety of actual amplifier designs is feasable. Combined with different speaker technologies there are plenty of different possibilities for the desired audio amplifier:

  • Stereo combination from preamplifier and power amplifier - the classical solution
  • Multiamping for active speakers
  • Multichannel configurations
  • ....